Chroma is the AI-native open-source vector database. Chroma makes it easy to build LLM apps by making knowledge, facts, and skills pluggable for LLMs.

New to Chroma? ๐Ÿ”‘ Getting Started.

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Chroma gives you the tools to:

  • store embeddings and their metadata
  • embed documents and queries
  • search embeddings

Chroma prioritizes:

  • simplicity and developer productivity
  • it also happens to be very quick

Chroma runs as a server and provides 1st party Python and JavaScript/TypeScript client SDKs. Check out the Colab demo. (yes, it can run in a Jupyter notebook ๐Ÿ˜„)

Chroma is licensed under Apache 2.0


In Python, Chroma can run in a python script or as a server.

Command Line


In JavaScript, use the Chroma JS/TS Client to connect to a Chroma server.

Command Line

Continue with the full getting started guide.

Language Clients#

Pythonโœ… chromadb (by Chroma)
Javascriptโœ… chromadb (by Chroma)
Rubyโœ… from @mariochavez
Javaโœ… from @t_azarov
Goโœ… from @t_azarov
C#โœ… from @microsoft
Rustโœ… from @Anush008
Elixirโœ… from @3zcurdia
Dartโœ… from @davidmigloz
PHPโœ… from @CodeWithKyrian
PHP (Laravel)โœ… from @HelgeSverre

We welcome contributions for other languages!